Chronophontia Wiki

The Chronopedia is back up and running once again from it's long hiatus as everything is being done or redone in terms of edits and additions to the wiki. There have been a slew of new characters appearing in the world and need to be catalogued on the wiki as well as more characters having new additions added to their pages in terms of keeping up with the recorded dates. 

We're planning to add more information in the location area and adding more pages for various things. For right now we're working rather hard to ensure it is done properly. If you feel there needs to be an edit to a specific page that is finished please contact one of the administrators with your edit idea  and reason for it and we'll take care of it. 

There are still some pages missing for the rest of Chronophontians but we're slowly chugging along to get it together.

Thanks again for stopping by and helping out!