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Thalassa The Mermaid (born March 31) is the mermaid princess of the Roman sea. She is a golden haired mermaid

Thalassa the mermaid
The mermaid princess of the Roman sea
The mermaid princess of the Roman sea

Birthdate March 31
Birthplace The Aegean Sea
Resides in Mermaid's Lake, Chronophontia Island
Family Unknown

that resides at Mermaid's lake in Chronophontia. She's one of four mermaid princesses of various seas which are often meant to serve kingdoms as guardians. She is tasked with protecting the mermaid's gem of the four kingdoms. She along with her fellow mermaids help out as much as they can when they're on land and she is known to be playful. She lives in a house above water in Mermaid Lake, where she usually wears her "ordinary human" legs. She was adopted from Izka-197, and her name is Greek for "sea".

Early Life []

Thalassa was born in the Aegean Sea some time shortly before 400 BC. At any rate, she remembers as a child that the Athenians were losing the Peloponnesian War at the time.

Her parents, like most merpeople, were hundreds of years old and spoke not only Greek but also many of the nearby languages, including Carian (southwest coast of Turkey), Illyrian (Croatia and northern Albania), and several early Italian languages. But they spoke Greek at home, so that was the language Thalassa learned first.

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