Penelope Rose Trable (born 29 November 1980), better known as Pandora, is one of the first Chronophontians to inhabit Chronophontia Island.

Pandora Trable
Birthdate November 29, 1980
Birthplace Omaha, Nebraska
Resides in Chronophontia Island
Family Giovanna Trable (mother)

Tim Trable (father; deceased)

Phyllis Trable (sister)

Phoebe Trable (sister)

Chiara Fermi (adoptive sister)

Bimster the Beefy Beach Bim (boyfriend)

Early Life Edit

Penelope Rose Trable (Penny, better known as Pandora) was born November 29, 1980 to Tim and Giovanna Trable in Omaha Nebraska at 4:35 PM. At an early age Pandora displayed a bit of a streak for always stirring up trouble. She was originally supposed to be born a day later but as it was seen she decided when she would be born and thus her birthdate was a day earlier.

Education and career Edit

Giovanna and Tim were strict but very loving parents. They did not "play favorites", but there is reason to suspect that tomboy Penny was her father's favorite. Penny and her sisters attended a Catholic girls' school in suburban Omaha. After their father passed away, their mother kept them in the school, albeit with some difficulty.

There is a gap in Penny's late teens, after graduation. Her respectable sisters grew up, got married and had kids; Penny became at least a little bit wild. Then...

Arrival in Chronophontia Edit

We don't know exactly how it happened, but Penny (who prefers the less "plebeian" name Pandora) arrived in Chronophontia in November 2000, and immediately decided to stay.

Her mother's arrival in 2009 gave her some strange feelings - instead of being strict, Giovanna chose to be naughty! Her daughter's reaction was "That's WEIRD"; Giovanna's response was "I know there's a minimum age for this kind of thing, but I never heard there was a maximum." Pandora has become used to Giovanna's mild naughtiness, though, and loves her as much as ever.

Family Edit

Giovanna Trable Edit

Pandora's mother, also a Chronophontian. (See her page)

Tim Trable Edit

Pandora's late father - killed in a traffic accident in 1989. Still remembered with love.

Phyllis Kowalski Edit

Pandora's oldest sister.

Phoebe McBride Edit

Pandora's middle sister.

Chiara Fermi Edit

Pandora's younger, adopted sister.

Relationships Edit

Bimster the Beefy Beach Bim Edit

Her Dream Dude! As she says, he doesn't need a brain, she's got enough for both of them.

Jeaninne Toutain Edit

Fellow Chronophontian, best friend, and lover.

Kitty The Cat Girl Edit

Ana Tanner Edit

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