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Onen Star festival is a yearly celebration observed in The Country of Onen on 10, October, the eve of the first appearance of the first Onenese people to colonize on the land of Onen. It initiates the Trinity of the stars, the time in the year dedicated to celebrating the first people of the land and the release of the Shooting stars of Onen. Within Onen, the traditional focus of The Star Festival revolves around the theme of “releasing the beautiful stars and bringing shining beauty to the kingdom.”

According to many scholars, the Onen Star festival is a festival influenced by fairytale festivals, with possible pagan roots. Others maintain that it originated from the legends passed down from generation to generation.

Typical festive Onen Star festival activities include the capturing and release of the Onen Glow flies, attending the Onen star ball, decorating, and sometimes even gift giving. In many parts of the country, people from all lifestyles gather at the Onen palace to tour the gardens and place candles in front of the tree of Onen. This serves as a memorial to the first King and Queen of Onen from the 1800’s.

Once every year the confectionists of Onen’s palace make the delicious treat known as Star Truffles, which are chocolate confectioneries made with various flavored centers coated in chocolate, icing sugar, cocoa powder or topped with chopped nuts, they are the most sought after treat and many people in the kingdom purchases boxes upon boxes for the festival. The most famous star truffles called the Shooting Star truffles that have been magically enchanted to release shooting stars when the consumer opens the box. These are usually the most expensive at 10 Blossoms (roughly $30.00 American.)  These serve as a way to bring joy to those of the kingdom.

The Onen grand ball is a celebration held at seven in the evening before the release of the Shooting Stars of Onen. Everyone from all over the kingdom attends the event. People who are of common and middle classes are invited to attend the event with their families. They are given a one of a kind chance to step into the palace but are advised to stay on the first floor as the second floor is the private chambers of the royal family.The last event of the night is the release of the shooting stars of Onen where the prince and princess of the kingdom in celebration of the kingdom’s heritage release the ancient shooting stars of Onen. The guests then release the glow flies into the sky for a nighttime spectacular that brings beauty to the kingdom.