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Natasha Rodionova (Nataiya Andreievna Rodionova) (born April 17), is a young woman who came from Russia (Siberia) to Chronophontia.

Natasha Rodionova
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Birthdate April 17
Birthplace Novokuznetsk, Russia
Resides in Chronophontia Island
Family Andrei Rodionov (father)

Elizaveta Rodionova (mother)

Carey Andreievich Rodionov (brother)

Alyosha Petrovich Nikitin (partner)

Elena Rodionova (daughter)

She is one of the original eight Chronophontians and is the youngest of them.

Early Life[]

Natasha was born April 17, 1988 in Novokuznetsk, Russia (then part of the Soviet Union), the oldest child of Andrei Rodionov and Elizaveta Rodionova. Her parents were mining engineers for the mines around Novokuznetsk. That's in Siberia, so Natasha grew up accustomed to Siberian cold, but she never learned to like it - and is very happy to live now in warm Chronophontia.

Education and career[]

By the time Natasha reached school age, the Soviet Union had broken up and Novokuznetsk was part of the Russian Federation. She was slightly shy and did not make friends easily in school. She studied English and became quite fluent in it.

Natasha's parents, though never enthusiastic communists, were fairly conventional Soviet citizens and therefore not religious at all. Natasha, though, was attracted to the Russian Orthodox Church, and even briefly (very briefly) considered becoming a nun. That, however, would have interfered with her later interest in posing nude at DeviantArt.

Arrival in Chronophontia[]

Natasha arrived on Chronophontes's hard drive in April, 2006, and came to DeviantArt a year later. After growing up in Siberia, she appreciated Chronophontia's tropical warmth. For her first few years, she enjoyed not only posing nude but participating in occasional naughtiness. That seems to have changed, though, once her daughter Elena was born, in 2010. She still likes to pose nude occasionally, but "naughtiness" no longer appeals to her.


Andrei Rodionov[]

Natasha's father.

Elizaveta Rodionova[]

Natasha's mother

Carey Andreievich Rodionov[]

Natasha's brother

Alyosha Petrovich Nikitin[]

Natasha's partner, and father of Elena

Elena Alexeievna Rodionova[]

Natasha's daughter


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