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Maryna The Mermaid (born February 10) is the mermaid is the mermaid princess of Mermaid's Lake. She's a blue

Maryna the mermaid
The mermaid princess of Mermaid's lake
The mermaid princess of Mermaid's lake

Birthdate February 10
Birthplace Mermaid's Lake, Chronophontia Island
Resides in Mermaid's Lake, Chronophontia Island
Family Unknown

haired princess that is the mermaid of Chronophontia. She is one of the four mermaid princesses of the four kingdoms. She helps to protect the mermaid's gem of the four kingdoms. She along with her friends protect their respective kingdoms and spend most of their time in Chronophontia. She is adopted from Izka-197, and her name is the Polish form of "Marina" - not very original for a mermaid, but appropriate.

Early Life []

Maryna was born in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Poland, some time in the fourteenth century.

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