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Lisette Toutain (Elisabeth) (born November 15, 1912) is Jeannine's younger sister, the second of four children of the

Elisabeth "Lisette" Toutain
Lisette the Sun Queen
Lisette the Sun Queen

Birthdate November 15, 1912
Birthplace Normandy, France
Resides in Chronophontia Island
Family Jacques Toutain (father),

Anne-Marie Gretry (mother), Jacques Toutain Jr. (Brother), Jeannine Toutain (Sister), Charles Toutain (Brother)

Norman tobacconist. (The two youngest were boys, quite a bit younger than their sisters.)

Some time around 1931, Lisette discovered a time warp that took her to the same place that Jeannine had come to a few months earlier. (Time warps seem to have been unusually common in France at about that time...) But Lisette came here directly from the family tobacco shop in Normandy.

Early Life[]

Elisabeth Toutain was born November 15, 1912, in St.-Denis, Normandy, France, the second child of Jacques Toutain and Anne-Marie Gretry. Her childhood was much quieter and more "normal" than her sister Jeannine's; though highly intelligent, Lisette had no special abilities such as Jeannine's mathematical gift, and she also had no trouble adjusting to her childhood peer group, other than the usual "quota" of fights and quarrels. To Jeannine, Lisette was merely "that brat".

Education and career[]

Lisette briefly took over as the bookkeeper of the family tobacco shop after Jeannine left. She was far less brilliant, but still competent enough to satisfy their father. Unlike Jeannine, Lisette was content to stay in Normandy.

Arrival in Chronophontia[]

Shortly afterwards, however, Lisette encountered a time warp that took her to 2007 in Chronophontia, where she renewed acquaintance with Jeannine and met all of the Chronophontians.

It was late in 2011 when Lisette was "promoted" to sharing a DeviantArt account with Jeannine. Neither of the girls really liked sharing an account - Jeannine likened it to sharing a bed when they were little. Finally, in May 2012, Lisette acquired an account of her own.


Jacques Toutain[]

Jacques Toutain is Lisette and Jeannine's father (born 1883)

Jacques Toutain Jr.[]

born 1920.

Jeannine Toutain[]

Jeannine is Lisette's older sister.

Charles Toutain[]

Charles Toutain is Lisette and Jeannine's youngest brother, born 1922.

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