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Onen,  commonly known as The Kingdom Of Onen is a country located off the southern coast of Continental Eraia.  

The Kingdom of Onen
Location of Onen
Location of Onen
Capital and largest city Central Onen
Official language and national language Onenese
Recognized regional languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Gaelic, Brazilian, Latin, French, Hungarian, Dutch
Ethnic groups 90.7% Onenese

83.2% White

70.4% Black

64.4% Asian

50.0% Mixed

20.2% Other

Demonym Onenese

Government Constitutional monarchy
Formation October 10, 1804
Currency Nymph pieces
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Date Format mm/dd/year
Drives on the Right side
calling code +867

The country Includes the island of Chronophontia, the north-eastern part of Indene and many smaller islands. Southern Onen is the only part of the country that shares a land border with another state---The Country of Chronophontia. Apart from this land border, Onen is surrounded by the Siren's Ocean in the West and north. 


The Kingdom of Onen was founded in the 1800's when the first settlers discovered the new world by traveling through the Bermuda Triangle. However many people assumed the ships that disappeared were lost forever but that is not the case as they arrived in a land inhabited by magical creatures. 

The first settlers whom arrived in the new land were that of the royal family of Onen whom took to the throne in 1850 beginning with the first King ruling the country based upon what it's citizens wanted to be done and for them to escape the trials and tribulations of their previous residences. The monarchy became that of a strong yet often beloved kingdom.

In 1875 the Diamond Phoenix Empire went to war with Onen over the lands that weren't occupied. The war raged on for three years until both kings came to an agreement and allowed for the kingdom of Adamas which soon was plagued with war and became a dictatorship when King Feylver The First came to power.

Despite the war Onen was able to rebuild and allowed the lands around them to take on independence and start their own societies in 1901. As time went on the kingdom began to take shape even more and they began relying upon the stars to grant them good fortune in which the Star Festival of Onen became an annual event in celebration of the good fortune and founding of the country and served as a celebration for the royal family.

The Kingdom is currently under the rule of King Abeiron The Fifth and Queen Athena. They currently have one child His Royal Highness Prince Orpheus Oberon. The kingdom is in turmoil under the rule of the new queen who issues harsh punishments upon the people with approval from the king. 

The other countries within Eraia are Chronophontia, Adamas, Mirysia, and Austrevaea. All of which are surrounded by Onen but they're under their own laws and conditions. 

The royal family however has control over certain parts of Austrevaea and Mirysia.