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Fred, Jeannine's Dream Dude, is named after Fred Astaire, who also danced divinely. Fred is not so good at fixing cars, though. He is, however, distinctly more polygamous than his dear Jeannine. Fortunately she is not majorly jealous; her philosophy is "Don't get mad, get even", so she plays the field too, though not to the same extent that her Fred does. And of course he is not jealous at all.

Early Life[]

Like the other Dream Dudes, Fred does not have an early life; he appeared fully grown in 2008, after Jeannine and the other Chronophontian ladies had been pestering Chronophontes for "more men!"

Education and Career[]

It's not clear where or how Fred got his education. He's quite literate, and intelligent enough that he is not a source of embarrassment to his super-intelligent Jeannine.

As for his career: he spends much of it making love to his beloved Jeannine ("I like other women, but I LOVE her") - and, usually successfully, to other Chronophontian ladies. He and Jeannine often make trips to the ballroom in Chronophontia City to dance.