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Françoise the maid (born May 18), or as she is known by her birth name Marie-Françoise Balay, is a young woman who

Françoise Balay
The fateful Maid of Onen royalty
The fateful Maid of Onen royalty

Birthdate May 8
Birthplace Central Onen, Onen
Resides in Chronophontia Island
Family Amédée Balay (Mother)

Welby Amos (Father)

once worked for the royal family of Onen before her exile from the Kingdom by Queen Athena on October 9, 2012. She had been a faithful maid to the royal family since the age of seventeen. She often assisted the queen in getting dressed for the day or attending to the cleaning around the palace. She was one of three maids that were the most trusted by the royal family.

She is the daughter of Amédée Balay who served as nanny and godmother to Prince Orpheus. Françoise had no idea of this until she was told by the royal record keeper Henderson. Since then she has been shown to help out as much as she can despite not having magic.

Françoise was born May 18, in a little cottage in Central Onen to Amédée Balay who was at the time of her birth had been cut off from communicating with a young sailor by the name of Welby Amos. Françoise has never met her father but has heard some stories from her mother of how he chose the life of adventure over becoming a family man.

Early Life[]

Marie-Françoise Balay (she usually drops the "Marie") was born May 18, 1990 at 4:00 PM (EST) in a cottage in Central Onen. She was the only child of Amédée Balay, a young daughter of a butcher that lived in Central Onen's village. From the moment that Françoise was born she was a rather quiet and obedient child that didn't give her mother much trouble.

At the age of six years old Françoise and her mother moved into the Central Onen servant's quarters to work in the palace as a nanny for the young prince that had been born into the kingdom. She spent many days exploring the kingdom's village and the palace whenever her mother was working. That's where she met the other children of the palace servants. They all chose to become friends to explore the "dangerous" nooks and crannies of the Central Onen palace late at night.

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