Chronophontia Wiki

CHRONOPHONTIA ISLAND, commonly known as Chronophontia is an island of the continent of Eraia.. Lying off the southern coast of the Eraian mainland,

Chronophontian Island
Chronophontia Island just off the coast of Eraia
Chronophontia Island just off the coast of Eraia
Capital and largest city Chronophontia City
Official language and national language English
Recognized regional languages English, French, Spanish, Russian, Transylvanian, Japanese, Chinese, Roman, Brazilian, Italian, Gaelic, Fairy, Onenese, Chronophontian
Ethnic groups 99.9% Mixed

30.0 other

Demonym Chronophontian

Government Unknown at this time what type of Government it has
Formation unknown of the history of Chronophontia is still being discovered
Currency Dollars
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Date Format mm/dd/year
Drives on the Right side
calling code +405