Chronophontia Wiki

General Rules

  • Don't vandalize anything on the Chronopedia-articles, profiles, or otherwise. Vandalisim results in an instant permanent ban.
  • Don't edit other member's profiles
  • Don't harass other members of this wiki
  • Don't spam. Spam will result in being banned for a week. Spam includes: Links to other sites, off topic discussion, unnecessary discussions in the comments. These will be removed.
  • Don't use our wiki to advertise your own. It's plain rude and it's a lot of work for the mods to clean up afterwards.
  • When making edits please make sure that you're following the guidelines for edits. Do not make unnecessary edits that do not follow what the article is about.

Photo submissions

When submitting photos to the galleries make sure they are of the Chronophontians (original, or your own.) We do not accept fanart of characters from an existing series as this is an original project and not a fan one.

If you submit make sure you've obtained permission from the artists to upload their art here. Don't upload anything without permission from the original artist.

Do not vandalize the photos of other artists.

Make sure that all photos are appropriate for this wiki.

Editing Rules and Guidelines

Make sure you read the article thoroughly before making edits. 90% of the time everything that may need to be added is already there or is being checked for accuracy.

If a character's page is locked, don't attempt to try to unlock it on your own. It is better to contact a mod with the concern about the article.

Do not make duplicate articles or articles as a way to spread vandalism. Doing so will result in deletion and instant ban.

If you wish to add an article please get permission from a mod and we'll ok it.

We don't accept chat speak in articles. Please use complete sentences and spell out every word. We're not a chat speak wiki.

If you don't know anything about the subject of the article then please leave it alone and don't try to edit it.