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Chiara Mary Fermi
The Little sister of Pandora
The Little sister of Pandora

Birthdate March 7, 1992
Birthplace Omaha Nebraska
Resides in Chronophontia Island
Family Robert Fermi (father; deceased)

Violetta Fermi (mother; deceased)

Giovanna Trable (adoptive mother)

Tim Trable (adoptive father; deceased)

Phyllis Trable (adoptive older sister)

Phoebe Trable (adoptive older sister)

Pandora Trable (adoptive older sister)

Carey Rodionova (husband)

Natasha Nikitin (Sister-in-law)

Alyosha Petrovich Nikitin (brother-in-law)

Elena Alexeievna Nikitin (Niece)

Chiara Mary Rodionova (nee Fermi) (born March 7, 1993) is Giovanna's adoptive daughter and Pandora 's adoptive little sister. Chiara is from Omaha Nebraska where she was born before relocating to Chronophontia Island on March 7, 2013. She is the second Chronophontia sibling to be introduced, the first being Linnea.

Early Life

Chiara was born March 7, 1992, in Omaha Nebraska, and is the first and only child of Robert and Violetta Fermi. The Fermi family is from Venice Italy. The young couple were thrilled to have a child as 2 years earlier Violetta had suffered a miscarriage and had a hard time conceiving a child. They deemed Chiara as a miracle child who was meant to be theirs.

At an early age Chiara's childhood was rather a normal one. She was a bit of a tom boy preferring to get down and dirty rather than staying dainty and neat. She didn't play with many of the neighborhood children but rather preferred to spend her time at the Trable household where she used to follow the Trable sisters like a little puppy. This event fueled her to wanting to be like them when she grew up.

She showed in interest in playing various sports with soccer being one of her favorites. Robert and Violetta signed her up for the Youth Soccer league in Omaha at the age of 7 years old. She excelled in the sport and won numerous awards for it. She took an interest in doing more sports as she got older with her main choice being soccer until she entered middle school and she decided to play football at the objection of the school's coach and her mother.

Her life was a happy one until the day it changed when she was suddenly thrust into the world all alone.

Death of her parents

When Chiara was 14 years old she lost her parents in a traffic accident on a day when they were on their way home from one of her games.

A car driven by a drunk driver had rammed into their car from the front because it was going the wrong way and caused the car to flip three times and land in the front yard of one of the neighbors. One of the neighbors had managed to pull Chiara from the car before it caught fire and exploded from the leaking gasoline from the gas tank. Both Robert and Violetta perished in the accident leaving their child alone in the world.

Chiara had been so devastated by the event she constantly blamed herself for being the reason why her parents weren't around anymore. She believed had they not gone to her soccer game then they'd still be alive or if she hadn't been talking so much about the game then her father would've saw the other car and got away in time to prevent the accident. She was inconsolable at the hospital to the point that she shut down and chose to withdraw from the world so to make up for what she thought was the cause of her parents' deaths.

Becoming a part of the Trable family

Chiara originally lived with her maternal aunt for three days before being taken to the Trable household where Giovanna was told to take her into her home since Chiara didn't follow the rules of her aunt's home. It was at the time that young Chiara had started on her journey of dealing with the deaths of her parents. Rather than objecting to the idea Giovanna took in the teen girl and raised her as one of her own children.

It took a long time for Chiara to speak to anyone in the home. She only spoke with Pandora whenever she wanted anyone to know what was on her mind. She buried herself in various activities to take her mind off of her loss and quit soccer as she deemed it as cursed. she still didn't want to get close to Giovanna as she was afraid that she'd lose her too and be all alone in the world.

During these events Giovanna tried to do everything she could to help Chiara come out of the protective shell she put herself into. It wasn't until a month after the accident that Chiara opened up more and started to express the grief and pain she felt for losing her parents. This allowed the two of them to become closer and helped to form the mother and daughter bond seen today. She was able to accept her life as a Trable but never forgot her parents which is why Chiara did everything she could to ensure she made all of her family proud of her.

Education and Career

Chiara began attending Brownell-Talbot School in the late 90's when her parents moved into the suburbs when she was just 5 years old. She wasn't too academically inclined and chose to play around in school rather than take it seriously. Chiara's teachers often sent the girl to the principal's office for trying to incite a riot during the day her class lost recess due to their behaviors. This made it difficult for Robert and Violetta to keep their child in any school in the district. It wasn't until Chiara was placed in soccer that the girl started to channel all of her pent up energy into the sport instead of causing havoc in school.

Chiara loved to play many sports and had chosen it as a "career" when she was 7 years old. She would spend all of her time practicing during recess or after school in the backyard to get better at the sport. Her teammates were almost always happy that she was always there to help them win a game. However she hated playing goalie and often got into trouble for leaving the goal and fighting with the other children whenever they tried to score a goal into her team's goal. So the coach made it so Chiara never once played as goalie. She excelled in soccer for many years until she quit when she was 14 years old and didn't pick up another sport for many years.

Chiara began attending a private all girls Catholic school when she was 15 years old as it was the same school that Giovanna had enrolled her own children in. She had a hard time getting used to attending an all girls school and didn't focus much of her attention on anything but academics for many years until part of the year when the boys from the school across the street had come over to use the school for half a year while theirs was being renovated. Many of the girls at the school weren't too keen on having boys at their school but Chiara was thrilled and did everything she could to get to know the boys. They didn't pay much attention to her and deemed her as "one of the guys" as she didn't act like a flighty or ditzy girl trying to get attention in another way.

When she turned 17 years old Chiara began getting the attention of many boys which in part was from her decision to shed the role of being a timid debutante. She chose to take charge and be more like her older sister Pandora. She was pretty popular with the boys for her skill on the court as a part of her school's volleyball team and her frequenting the local sports center in town. She was notorious for sneaking over to the boys' school and skipping classes to spend time with them. She ended up being caught by teachers and warned that if she kept up her behavior then she'd be expelled. So Chiara chose to tone it down during her senior year but still snuck over to the boys' school whenever no one was around.

She graduated from high school in 2009 at the age of 17 years old. She began attending The University of Nebraska at Omaha that following fall where she originally majored in culinary arts for three years. She had chosen to become a chef as she had wanted to open her own bakery before she started on the path of wanting to become police officer to help better the city and free it from crime.

She became a police officer for the Omaha police department after graduating from the police academy where she worked as an officer for many years before she left the force to move to Chronophontia where she now has her own catering service which serves all of the cities in the area.


Chiara was born to Robert and Violetta Fermi. She is their only child. She had a close bond with her family for many years up until their deaths which left her devastated. She was then adopted into the Trable family where she gained a new mother and three older sisters. She also has become part of the Rodionova family as she married Carey Rodionova who she met during her college years.        

Robert Fermi

Robert was Chiara's biological father. He was the owner of a photography studio in town, he was a very devoted husband and father to his wife and daughter. His relationship with Chiara was pretty normal with him encouraging her to take part in playing various sports. Whenever he and Violetta needed to go out of town he'd always send Chiara to the neighbor's house next door. He often a time spoke very fondly of Giovanna which in turn allowed him to make the decision that she was right person to take care of Chiara if anything happened to him or his wife.

Violetta Fermi

Violetta was Chiara's biological mother. She was a housewife that took care of the house and Chiara. She was a strict, patient woman who often didn't approve anything she didn't deem to be decent. She was very happy to have a daughter as she had a hard time being able to have children. She spent most of her time trying to get her to be dainty and ladylike.. She was really close to Chiara and was very overprotective of her.

Trable Family

Thanksgiving family by chronophontes-d8802xm.jpg

Giovanna Trable

Giovanna is Chiara's adoptive mother who was originally the young girl's godmother until the tragic accident that took

the lives of Chiara's parents. She raised Chiara as best she could afterwards. Chiara often gave Giovanna a lot of trouble in the form of getting into fights at school over boys, skipping classes to go on dates and even sneaking over to the boys' school. But Chiara knows that Giovanna loves her as one of her own children. Despite being strict, Chiara knew that Giovanna still wanted her to be her own person so she had a bit of freedom that most teenagers didn't have. She was happy that her mother was thrilled to find out that she was moving to Chronophontia and that she was getting married.

Phyllis Kowalski

Phyllis is Chiaras adoptive older sister. She always admired Phyllis as she thought she was what all "grown ups" were like when she used to visit the Trable household as a child. She often time spent a lot of time trying to learn many things from her. She viewed Phyllis as the best person in the world when she helped her learn multiplication when she was in 3rd grade. She followed Phyllis around the house a lot until Pandora called her to come and play games with her. She gets along with Phyllis since becoming sisters with her and has a bit of admiration for her.

Phoebe McBride

Phoebe is Chiara's adoptive older sister. She used to enjoy playing pranks on the cautious and girly Phoebe when she was a kid. This in turn caused Phoebe to slowly deem Chiara as "the brat next door". Chiara took great pride in making sure that Phoebe was always screaming in horror from various pranks or chasing her around the house with anything that was creepy or slimy. When they became sisters their relationship became close but Phoebe is wary of Chiara and tends to get a little annoyed whenever the other is trying to act innocent. Chiara in turn tends to call Phoebe "old lady" or "Straight laced Phoebs." They do care a lot for each other even if they show it in strange ways.

Pandora Trable

Pandora is Chiara's adoptive older sister. She admired Pandora a lot since the moment she saw the older girl next door coming home from school. She always viewed Pandora as an older sister figure and found her to be someone that she would aspire to be. Pandora and Chiara are both two of a kind but have been shown to come to a disagreement when it comes to who should lead. They make up after each fight and are closer than ever. However they have been known to team up to pull pranks on their friends and family members. Chiara views Pandora as the reason why she is able to be bold and brave.


Carey Andreievich Rodionov

Carey is Chiara's husband that she met during her junior year of college. They met at the University of Nebraska at


Omaha's bookstore when Carey was trying to get a book he needed for one of his courses. She at first was amused by his accent as she likened it to one of her favorite sci-fi television characters ("Vhere are the nuclear wessels?") before finally deciding to be helpful and help him by translating what he was saying to the girl working in the book service area. This event brought on the start of of their relationship with Chiara taking it into her own hands to teach Carey how to speak English without his accent hindering his speech. However it wasn't as easy as it seemed as Carey would make the common mistake of replacing W's with V's in words that had them. Chiara found it to be rather cute whenever he'd say nyet out of frustration at not getting the words right. They had their fair share of problems in their relationship breaking up for a week and then getting back together that made their relationship stronger. Chiara tends to call Carey by the nickname of "Pasha" whenever they're together and Carey calls Chiara by the nickname of Радость моя (My joy in Russian.)

After Chiara was caught up in a bank robbery that nearly took her life Carey proposed to her the moment she was in his arms and told her he couldn't live without her which is why he wanted her to be by his side always. They became engaged for six months before moving to Chronophontia where they started their new lives together and were married August 4, 2014.

Natasha Rodionova

Natasha is Chiara's older sister-in-law. she gets along with the older girl as much as a sister should. She tends to spend a lot of time hanging out with Natasha to hear stories of how to get Carey to come out of his shell. She often a time goes to her for advice when she needs it and has learned how to cook Russian dishes from the lessons she's taken with her. The two of them have a mutual friendship and tend to be wary of Pandora whenever she is lurking around the corners to play pranks on them. She appreciates that she has a calmer older sister in Natasha but still enjoys trying to get the other to loosen up to the point of doing more extreme and daring things. She still wonders how Natasha can speak normal English when Carey still has an accent, but she doesn't think too much into it whenever they talk.

Nina Vadoma

Chiara and Nina have a simple friendship consisting of the mutual love of sweets and that Chiara was the one who found Nina wandering around the Chronophontian forests. She hung out with Nina a lot and offered her a place to stay during the events of finding out what happened to the kingdom of Gislethia. They both love shopping in town and listening to music but also have a mutual like for chocolate. Nina is grateful to Chiara helping her and considers her to be a great friend and chose her to be the godmother of her son. The two girls can be found hanging out in the Chronophontian gardens or in the shops together.

Nichelle Ledoux

Nichelle is Chiara's best friend and fellow extreme sports enthusiast. They're almost always out doing something extreme be it surfing or snowboarding down the Chronophontian mountains, they are never inactive. They have a tendency to go rock climbing on Pandora rock every weekend or cliff diving on a Friday. Nothing can slow these two down. Nichelle sometimes goes to Chiara for advice whenever she is unsure of something in her life and has taken refuge in her house when the other ladies of Chronophontia are chasing her for taking candid shots of them with her camera. Chiara in turn tells Nichelle the best places to hide to get more candid shots without being caught. Their relationship is rather on the level of being more than best friends and often times coming off acting like they're related to one another. The only problem the friendship has had is Nichelle playing a prank on Chiara using the strange squid monster in the lake and the other being attacked by it. However they made up and are still best friends.

Pretty Pat

Pretty Pat and Chiara are the most sporty ones on the island and have been shown to get into friendly competitions be it on the tennis court or running marathons. They both have a drive to excel in any sport, activity or anything that keeps them active and healthy. Pretty Pat tends to help Chiara at her gym by being the one helping with her weight training and Chiara in turn gives Pat advice on how to execute the proper way to play soccer. They're both great friends and are almost always participating in sporty things together if Nichelle isn't around. They made it their goal to one day organize an island wide marathon in which brings awareness to how important maintaining a healthy lifestyle is.

Cirino the fairy of the sun

Cirino is a young male fairy that has taken a liking to Chiara to the point that he wants to be her bonded fairy. However there is a problem with that as Chiara doesn't want a bonded fairy. Cirino's obsession with wanting to be her bonded fairy comes from the fact that he was smitten with Chiara's beauty when he was visting Nina and Kou at the bakery. He instantly thought she was the one he was to be bonded to and has gotten to the point of trying to convince her to let him. He helps out in the bakery every day but causes a bit of a disaster but still wants to prove himself to her. Chiara's slowly starting to come around but has yet to make a decision if she wants to have Cirino around but doesn't understand how bonding with a fairy works so she is unsure if he is the one she's supposed to be bound to.


  • Chiara's apperance was inspired by many fashion models and the old 1920's pin up models most specifically Marilyn Monroe. Her personality was based a bit on various characters with brave and boldness to them.
  • She is ambidextrous (able to use both her left and right hands) 
  • Her best friend was originally planned to be Nina Vadoma until Aisiko Awayuki saw that she fit more with Nichelle Ledoux in terms of personality and interests.
  • Chiara is the only non royal Chronophontia sibling to have a bonded fairy.
  • She is allergic to Goldenrods
  • Her original planning stages were to have as a shy, timid, and by the book younger sister of Jeannine Toutain til her final stages when she was made into Pandora's younger sister.
  • Her parents were originally going to abandon her but it was changed at the last second to have them die rather than be displayed as parents who didn't seem to care about their child.
  • Chiara's name is pronounced as kee-AH-rah but for many years people thought it was pronounced as Chee-AH-rah. 
  • She is the only Chronosibling to have a male bonded fairy.
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