Bimster the Beefy Beach Bim (or just "Bim") is Pandora's Dream Dude. Despite his enthusiastic body building, he's quite shy, unlike his super-extroverted partner. Also unlike her, he's basically monogamous, and not really interested in women other than his beloved Pandora. She encourages him to play around, though, "so I won't feel guilty when I play around." He does find other women attractive, so it's not terribly hard to persuade him.

Early Life Edit

The Dream Dudes generally don't have an early life. Bim sprang full-grown from the head of Chronophontes back in 2008, after Pandora had been pestering Chronophontes for "more men!"

Education and career Edit

Bim also doesn't have much in the way of education - or intelligence either, for that matter. Pandora, when specifying the kind of Dream Dude she wanted, assured Chronophontes that hers did not need a brain - she had enough for both of them. Bim does, however, have a fair degree of wisdom - he knows his limits and tries to do the right thing - and not more than he is capable of.

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