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Bimster the Beefy Beach Bim (or just "Bim") is Pandora's Dream Dude. Despite his enthusiastic body building, he's quite shy, unlike his super-extroverted partner. Also unlike her, he's basically monogamous, and not really interested in women other than his beloved Pandora. She encourages him to play around, though, "so I won't feel guilty when I play around." He does find other women attractive, so it's not terribly hard to persuade him.

Early Life[]

The Dream Dudes generally don't have an early life. Bim sprang full-grown from the head of Chronophontes back in 2008, after Pandora had been pestering Chronophontes for "more men!"

Education and career[]

Bim also doesn't have much in the way of education - or intelligence either, for that matter. Pandora, when specifying the kind of Dream Dude she wanted, assured Chronophontes that hers did not need a brain - she had enough for both of them. Bim does, however, have a fair degree of wisdom - he knows his limits and tries to do the right thing - and not more than he is capable of.