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Ana Tanner, (born April 5) is a young Bunny Girl that made her arrival to Chronophontia in early 2014.

Ana Tanner
The original Chronophontian Bunny
The original Chronophontian Bunny

Birthdate April 5
Birthplace Chronophontia Island
Resides in Chronophontia City, Chronophontia Island
Family unknown

She is a young bunny girl that was unknown before her discovery.Ana is sassy, flirty, playful, and very very cuddly and snuggly at the best of times. She's very sweet and kind, and will do everything and anthing in her power to help her friends and she's highly loving too.

She'll cuddle someone if she likes them, and will usually give them a kiss on the cheek or nuzzle up on on them. She's one of those people that makes friends relatively easily, but can be coy (act shy) if she's got a crush on someone.

Early Life[]

Ana Tanner was born April 5,